VIRTUALLY NEW!! 2020 Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RBHL Travel Trailer (Sold!)

VIRTUALLY NEW!! 2020 Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RBHL Travel Trailer (Sold!)

2020 Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyperlite 22RBHL Travel Trailer
See & Learn More about this RV at https://bit.ly/3bGBoJ8
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  1. Hey Everybody! I got this video published, but was interrupted before I could get the listing made for our website. Sorry about that!

    You’re likely going to want to know about pricing — She’s slated to go up for 24.9 though I was booking it out and saw it was clocking over $29,000 according to the guides!

  2. Dang Josh, you are far too honest. I would have extended and retracted that awning before posting the video, as any previous RV owner that does not even know how to retract an awning correctly is a red flag for the multiple other things that they also may not have known how to do properly? I guess as you always stress about Haylett RV, honesty is still the best policy, lol!!!

  3. I’m thinking Wildwood needs to think outside the box. What if they put the main bedroom in the rear, made the bed raise to the ceiling, and turned the back door into a ramp? It could be under 30ft and have a home style feel. The rear bed/toy hauler could be under 10ft.

  4. I want it!?????
    Josh I’m keeping my eyes open for
    A towable camper like this,
    ie: Well layed out kitchen and
    Plenty of foot/leg/walk rimm in
    The bathroom??????

  5. Josh are you ever going to carry the mountain or outdoor rv true 4 season brand they are heavy and claim to be well built just curious but I’m a Haylett RV fan all the way

  6. We have the same one but with the other color scheme/ white fiberglass front cap and aluminum wheels and it suites my 2020 trail boss and family of 4 just perfect ?

  7. Great video as always! Maybe I missed hearing it, but is the refrigerator a 12 volt on this unit? I hadn’t connected the dots that the Heritage Glen series is the laminated version of Wildwood until this video…..learned something today…

  8. Oh I like this one. Love the floor and backsplash and the walk-in pantry. Wow. God bless you and your family thank you for sharing ❤️

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