Visit Belize – What NOT to Do in Belize

Visit Belize – What NOT to Do in Belize

The Don’ts of Visiting Belize
Visiting Belize and not sure what to expect? Well here are the best do’s and don’ts of visiting Belize. From advice on scuba diving and snorkeling the Blue Hole to safety in Belize City to the great food you can have in Belize. So if you are looking at a Belize vacation this video will help you know what tourists should not do and what tourists should do when they visit Belize.
Filmed on Caye Caulker, Belize
Copyright Mark Wolters 2020

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  1. Not interested about to go Belize because it’s too far away from travel? I would like to see you in USA my beautiful best friends and working!!

  2. I would like to see greetings in Usa I want to having my beautiful best friends!!!🤗😍👩🏻‍⚖️🇺🇸👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️🥹😇😭🤓🤩

  3. If you have to wipe the top of the beer bottle, or locals are telling you to take your time, or the crime is an issue at all, its not a place to go at all.

  4. Shortly after my divorce, my three children and I spent 10 days in Placencia and had an amazing experience. A much needed escape from the reality of home. We ate incredible foods, toured the Mayan ruins, made our own chocolate at a family owned factory inland and spent plenty of time downtown and on the beach. I will definitely be back again someday.

  5. Another don’t is try to speak Spanish to Belize people from belmopan, they’re more related to guatemalan, English for Belize city, they’re more close to carribean Jamaica etc

  6. Thank you for your video presentation. I have a trip coming up in November 2022 with a tour company. The information you gave is very helpful and appreciated. I don’t feel as anxious as I did prior to watching the video. Now I can explore some of your other videos, thank you.

  7. Thank you for good info. Getting ready to go to ambergris caye next month. It’s been almost 15 years since I visited . Caye caulker, I love that place too.❤️

  8. Don’t be a westerner and want to integrate by chilling with the locals. 99.999% of them are lovely, but there’s always that one that’s been watching you and tagging your shit. You’ll end up leaving a resto run by the most lovely locals ever, walking home alone then suddenly waking up (presumably because you’ve been choked out, or you just repressed it, who knows) raped, having the shit kicked out of you as someone is trying to murder you, robbed, miraculously getting away, and fleeing the country so he doesn’t put a hit on you lest you call the cops who found you running naked away from the scene because while he was distracted cumming (clearly the rape was an act of disdain, as if he’d bother to get said girl pregnant, EW) should try and catch him. Because that’s what happens in Belize. Because the court procedures are so fucking slow that people LIKE ME, with a 95% chance of success on a scumbag getting put into a Belize prison (they ain’t pretty, have seen them) and a 45% chance of NOT getting caught if they murder (haha, why would he murder me when he could just get one of his friends to do it)?

    Belize is VERY safe if you are the kind of person who HATES cultural integration. Belize is safe if you chill with expats. DO NOT enter local territory, unless you want to get killed. I was eating out of a straw for a month and was internally bleeding and vomiting buckets of blood weeks after I almost died. I have traveled lots. I’ve been to nearly every continent, alone. I wear birkas when necessary and I dress down any time I’m not in my own realm (a place where being blonde, female and green eyes doesn’t stand out). Will I go back? Yes. Yes I will. But you have to be fucking careful and anybody that tells you otherwise is either unaware or out of their fucking mind. The crime rate is attributed to hits like mine either going through or later going through after a call to the cops. IT IS SAFE. If you’re a foreigner, have zero interest in cultural integration and ONLY chill with the expats. So, essentially, Belize is the shit if you only want to chill with your own people in a place that provides decent weather. Oh also, sand flies are a fucking cunt situation in itself. Don’t worry, your blood eventually immunizes to the climate but that first couple weeks is a bitch. It’s like Belize DOESN’T want tourism. Hire the sandflies. Good strategy

  9. I am romanian. I need new show. I think something was happend there in last five months. If you have something new,i want to see. From one year ago….i don’t need

  10. Hello! Wanted your suggestion- we are in Belize for 8 days- planning 3 nights in Ambergris Caye, 2 nights San Ignacio. What place would you recommend 3 nights left. We are traveling with kids between age 3 and 7 and our flights are from Belize city.

  11. I was there the day they decriminalized canna bus and that was three years ago. Spoke with an officer s out it. They said just don’t do it in the open..this was three years ago

  12. I probably wont understand anyone because we have a janitor miss carmen she has a Spanish accent I dont understand what she says at all

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