Visit Costa Rica – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a natural choice for an amazing beach or nature vacation, with stunning beaches, surfing, national parks, nature reserves it really is an eco travelers dream. But there are things that might shock a normal traveler if they are heading to Costa Rica. So we have ten things that shock tourists, travelers and vacation hunters about visiting Costa Rica.
Filmed in Jaco & Arenal, Costa Rica
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  1. Obviously with Covid 19 nowhere is safe to travel right now but he goes on about how safe it is? My dreams of traveling there last year were literally crushed when my boyfriend informed me of this.
    – Canada  has issued “Safety and security” warning for travel to Costa Rica. The Advisory, issued on May 13, 2019, and still active today, is due to the increased potential for ‘crime’. “The rate of drug-related violent crimes, including homicides, is on the rise in Costa Rica. Drug trafficking is common.

    I wish we went anyways while we could honestly.

  2. So I’m heading to Arenal and Jaco literally a week from today. Does that mean the rain will be terrible?? I do live in Seattle, so I can handle some rain lol.

  3. Clearly you’ve not been to the Tama area, and you were in Jaco, Arenal and Monteverde. The potholes here if you live here off the beaten tourist path you will take that back.

  4. When they say Dry and Rainy season, you have to remember, its all relative, so Dry season just means it doesn’t rain as much, and Rainy season means it rains a lot… I know, I used to live there.

  5. Thank you for the video. I wanted to go here. The nature and beaches are beautiful. It’s very green. I like the floor, flanna and fruit. I would like the friendly people.

  6. I know you can’t say it because you would lose viewers, but I can…! NOT all Ticos are friendly. Any Tico in tourist business is not friendly at all. They can’t be! They look at tourists as "Walking Wallets". If you see someone in that regard, you cannot be nice to them. Adjust your expectations with the interactions you’ll have with different Ticos.

  7. Thank you for all the nice comments, specially about ticos. We love nice people like you to enjoy and come back with friends. We do drive a bit crazy, people nowadays yield more when on heavy traffic gladly.

  8. The shocking thing about tourism in CR is; that Costa Rica´s nature is getting exploited by hotel companies from the US, besides that the funny thing is that we are going to say that Costa Rica sucks.

  9. We were there in 2016. when we landed from Toronto,I had a huge sigh and said to my husband, I feel like I just came home. Going back for our 40th anniversary in September. Highly recommend this country. The ticos are beautiful!

  10. Also try guanabana or cas sherbets. They’re sort of sweet and sour if you like those flavors. I love them. Only ever saw guanabana in a yard in Hawaii before. Called soursop. You can have those flavors as a fruit drink "natural" when they are in season in many restaurants and informal restaurants called "sodas". Moved here in 1997. There are some bottled versions too but I don’t like those nearly as well.

  11. Noted conservationist and Jane Goodall confidant for more than forty years, who has resided in rural Costa Rica since 1993, and is credited with being the "realtor" who put Arenal on the map, has just announce plans for his swan song . . . creating a modern, environmentally sound eco-town in an exciting area of wildlife and forests. Modeled on the world famous Monteverde example, new technology shall allow much greated use of alternative and sustainable energy and buildling methods.

  12. Crazy aint the word the road is distroy. There is earthquakes there everyday .That place is beautiful iam going back in July 2021. Its a paradise a jungle in there and the food is delicious.Parrots all over the place ..

  13. Man, congrats. Great video, I’ve been in Costa Rica, several times, and its the Only place I always want to come back. Hugs from Honduras.

  14. Tnx Mr. Wolter,
    Being poor n disabled due to hazardous workings of US govt. I’m unable to visit. I live vicariously through others.
    Your vid’s let me out of my box.
    P.S. don’t trust any gov’t!

  15. Costa Rica is great I loved it, I stayed at Playa Lagarto
    Here is the Link

  16. Great video. I love all your videos. I’m Canadian so I noticed the Canada Dry at the cafe, ha ha!! I’m looking forward to visiting there someday. Looks so beautiful and gorgeous.

  17. I was wondering as I started to watch the video, if I hadn’t seen you doing a similar for Stockholm/Sweden…
    Now I see a boy, your son maybe, with a yellowT-shirt saying Sverige/Sweden, so I think that you’re the one. I’m watching loads of videos because I’m planning my first ever trip to Costa Rica. Thank you for sharing your experiences!
    Lots of love from Sweden 💖🙋🇸🇪

  18. I never thought about going to Costa Rica, but after seeing this video, I really want to visit now. I like friendly people, good food, and beautiful scenery.

  19. Sure doesn’t look like this Tosser has ever missed a meal in his life. And he’s making sure that his children will grow up to be just as obese as he is.

  20. Le felicito no solo por sus exitos, sino por haber logrado una de las cosas mas dificiles del mundo y de la vida de un esposo y padre "una esposa feliz en casa" y en esta Costa Rica que ahora es su casa. Bienvenidos.

  21. A tica 🐙🕷🐞🐞🌸🐌🦀🌻🌷🌷🌱🌱🌱🌼🌺nature girl thans so much for tus comentarios gracias y pura vida o pura birra🍺🍻🍻🍻

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