Visit Jaco – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Jaco, Costa Rica

Visit Jaco – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco, Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica for good reason. There are amazing beaches, plenty of activities, friendly Ticos (people from Costa Rica) and a good tourist infrastructure, however there are some drawbacks to this great place, one being the tourist nature of the town which takes away some of the Tico-ness of the city, the riptides that can be dangerous and the resort centric feel of certain parts of town.
5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Jaco, Costa Rica
Filmed in Jaco, Costa Rica
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  1. If you’re visiting Costa Rica, Jack is a great destination. Most people like and want a lot of what was disliked in this video. Convenience is a good thing while on vacation. If you travel to Costa Rica often, avoid Jaco. The surf is no joke. I stay in Vista Las Palmas and watch a swimmer get drug out of the surf and they didn’t survive. Covid restrictions and requirements are a real turn off right now so wait until all of this crap passes.

  2. Wow I stayed a month in Jaco in 96 and none of that crap was there! There weren’t even hotels! We stayed at a little cabina was like 6 or 7 little houses surrounding a pool. The sand is hot, but if u leave ur sandals on the beach to go surfing they will be gone when you come in! I cannot believe they have fast food and resorts in jaco now🤯

  3. stay at hostel mango and eat at the local “working man food” establishments and you can live like a king in Jaco

  4. Thanks for the great information. I am planning a vacation to Jaco, and staying at Selina Jaco. Just wondering more about transportation from San Jose to Jaco…. would it be better if we rented a car, or no? 🙂 Thanks for for sharing the video!

  5. Just came back this week in December 2020… crazy how covid changes the landscape… literally 85-90% locals. Such a cool experience in dry season while there’s no one there

  6. Jaco is great. I really miss that place. Las Olas was great (room, staff, and owners) for an economical hotel stay when I was there and the beach is awesome. Pura Vida!

  7. Very nice video I’m gonna be there begining September for my birthday for first time. Hopefully won’t rain 😱😌😌😌😌

  8. For those not wanting the "Touristyness" of Jaco, I always stay in Tarcoles, a small, authentic fishing village about 20 kilometers north of Jaco. It is a great small community where you can immerse yourself among the locals. Check out the accommodations on Home Away or VBRO. And for the best authentic Tico fish soup, check out Fiesta del Mariscos.

  9. Just found him and thank goodness, my husband needs to take customers here for a fishing trip! now subscribed since perfect info given! Thank you very much!

  10. Playa Jaco used to be very famous in the 80s , 90s , but no longer that fame burned out , now the fame belongs to Playa Manuel Antonio and the Town of Manuel Antonio .

  11. @woltersworld What do you think about staying in La Fortuna in Costa Rica, is it ok there, any drawbacks other than not on the beaches?

  12. We’ve been trying to weigh up whether or not to go to Jaco and this video has been quite helpful with getting more of a feel for the place. We’d heard it is quite touristy there, but I guess the benefit of that is having all of the tourist infrastructure.

  13. Wow. Very insightful and realistic pro and con rundown of Jaco. I’m going there shortly and you just gave me a lot of knowledge of the town. Excellent. Thanks man!

  14. I’m amazed you didn’t mention the poverty – it was certainly worse in Jaco than in other places. We were also offered drugs about every 5 minutes (weed & cocaine if you’re into that) – but probably because we are young males. I imagine they left you and your family alone. Lastly, there are prostitutes everywheeeeere. I mean, when you go out and party at night you can just assume that all of the ladies were working. It was bizarre.

  15. Jacó Is only expensive if you live expensive, but how about swapping a 4 star resort for a 2 star hostel for like 1/3 of the price, instead on eating on American fast food chains or fancy coffee shops, go to a soda for 1/3 of the price and then just enjoy yourself, drink local beer and have a good time. No need to empty your wallet over it.

  16. Whenever someone gives a review to help people like us, all the insecure people feel the need to correct all the imperfections like little twats…Just say thanks!

  17. Ohh man the rip current almost got me I to wait till it put to swim as fast as I can about a month ago when I was down there 😩

  18. I have been here for over 3 weeks. Nature and the beaches are fantastic. However, this is not a place for kids. Overall the place is shady. The other evening we were going out for tacos and I got offered cocaine twice within 5 mins. Later in the evenings, it is typical to see prostitutes on the main street as well as over 200 in one particular hotel. If you are young and love to party and live on the edge, this could be a fun place for you. For families and older people, I do not recommend Jaco.

  19. love it however is it safe ? whats the crime rete/ was thinking about renting a car and doing some exploring.any suggestions? thanks

  20. I just returned to Miami on Sunday September 23rd for best 4 day vacation I’ve ever had. It was a guys trip with 4 buddies of mine. My truthful observation is that it is not a very family oriented place I don’t know why that wasn’t mentioned here. Jaco has a buffet of the most beautiful women imaginable now to protect the men I wont any more on that. Families beware single guys it’ll be the time of your lives. You have to die to be any closer to Heaven.

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