week in my life / living in Costa Rica

week in my life / living in Costa Rica

hey friends! it’s been awhile 🙂 On January 1st of this year I moved back to Costa Rica after living in Europe for a little while. it’s been the best decision and i feel so lucky to call this little caribbean town home. a reminder that social media is a highlight reel and the reason why i took a little hiatus was because i was feeling really unhappy and my life wasn’t looking nearly this joyful. now that i’m finally feeling good again i’ve been inspired to make content and share my life but life has its ebbs and flows of course. i’ve archived quite a few old videos and my creative juices are flowing so enjoy my little re-introduction to youtube and a week in my life xx

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“Glance at the sun. See the moon and the stars. Gaze at the beauty of earth’s greenings. Now, think.”
Hildegard of Bingen

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US Family Living in Costa Rica with Texan Rachel

US Family Living in Costa Rica with Texan Rachel!

In this episode of TRIAL Costa Rica we talk about life by the beach with Rachel and her family from Texas. She came down in 2012 with her now husband Adam to explore the Costa Rica! A 6 month trip turned into more then 8 years and they are now raising their family in the beach town of Uvita in southern Costa Rica.

Learn More about Living in Costa Rica: https://bit.ly/trial-cr-ep08
To get in touch with Rachel directly: rachelpeck@namutravel.com

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01:10 Where are you located in Costa Rica?
02:00 What brought you down to Costa Rica originally?
04:00 Your mom was here as well traveling around correct?
05:25 How many trips did you take, and did you travel around Costa Rica before settling on Uvita?
07:25 Uvita vs Santa Teresa summary
08:30 What where some of the biggest challenges you faced before coming down?
10:15 Was there ever a point when you thought lets go back to Texas!?
12:05 What advice would you give for those looking to relocate to Costa Rica?
14:20 How does your advice vary if you were a family coming down to Costa Rica?
17:05 What are top end costs of living as well as the cheapest in Uvita?
19:15 What’s it like living as a US expat family from Texas living in Costa Rica?
23:00 At what point did you realize Costa Rica is now home for the long run?
24:45 How easy was it for you to get residency?
25:35 What are your top 3 reasons to live in Costa Rica?
28:00 What are your top 3 places to visit with your family?
30:00 What do you wish you could have told yourself 8 years before you arrived?

Presented by Adam Baker
Produced by Tempest Pictures


  1. We live in Louisiana – wish we would’ve known about this when our children were growing. We visited in 2019 for the first time. Thanks for the transparency in the interview. We absolutely love CR and will be back again.

  2. Sweet video! We have two smaller children and plan to move to Samara or Uvita early next year. Thank you for all the helpful videos!

  3. We are moving there this year. What the cost of medical private insurance? Ive heard it takes months and even year to get seen by a doctor.

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