What I Spent in a Week in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica + My Top Budget Travel Tips!

What I Spent in a Week in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica + My Top Budget Travel Tips!

How much does it cost to live, work and travel in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica? Whether you’re a digital nomad working from your laptop or a traveler coming to explore the beautiful coast, this video will show you what you can expect to spend here!

Full breakdown of my weekly spending: https://bit.ly/38gMsNE
Selina Manuel Antonio review: https://bit.ly/3w41Ogk
Costa Rica travel vlog: https://bit.ly/39KROkQ

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0:00-0:51: Intro
0:51-3:56: Accomodation
3:56-6:56: Food & drink
6:56-9:12: Transportation
9:12-10:49: SIM card
10:49-11:45: Weekly total!
11:45-14:04: Budget tips
14:04-15:07: Final thoughts & advice

My name is Crosby and I am a freelancer and content creator working remotely from beautiful destinations all over the world! After a few corporate jobs throughout college, I quickly realized that the 9-5 lifestyle wasn’t for me. So I built up my freelance business, saved a bunch of money, and started traveling the world while working remotely. I’m currently working and traveling through Costa Rica and am sharing everything here on YouTube!

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Costa Rica on a budget. Detailed travel cost break down and full itinerary | Two weeks trip

In this video we break down cost, expenses and itinerary of our 2 week trip, which might give you ideas and tips for your own trip.

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Our Costa Rica travel video: https://youtu.be/nIRKdH–U2k
Our Costa Rica diving: https://youtu.be/RCEHz1KQgbs

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Trip details:
– Alajuela
– Poas Volcano
– La Fortuna
We booked our adventures with Erick
Our zipline experience
Canyoning/rappelling with Jairo and David (Maquique Adventure)

Maquique Adventure canyoning

– Mistico Hanging Bridges
– Rio Celeste
– Rio Naranjo
– Playa Flamingo
Diving at Islas Santa Catalina


– Monteverde
– Santa Elena Cloud Forest
– Cerros Amigos
– Quepos
– Osa Peninsula
Bolita Rainforest Hostel
– Drake Bay
Diving at Isla Del Cano
– Platanillo
– Nauyaca Falls
– Alajuela


  1. Καλησπέρα φανταστικό βίντεο!!! Έψαχνα καιρό να βρω κάτι τέτοιο. Εσείς τι περίοδο πήγατε ; ρωτάω και για λόγους καιρού και για να ξέρουμε περίπου αυτες οι τιμες σε ποια σεζόν αντιστοιχούν
    Ευχαριστώ πολύ!!!

  2. $1192 per person for a couple of weeks is not that far fetch as they took measures to drop some "unnecessary" expenses. Cook some of their meals, Airbnb, rent a car. I would add about $100 more per person for things like repellent, personal higiene items and some medicine for dizziness (Costa Rica’s roads are very zig zagging), stomachache, headaches, you know what I mean. Also, may consider get a prepaid card with internet for the group for emergency cases because if you don’t get an all wheel drive medium size SUV, chances of getting "stuck" in the mud with a sedan is quite possible and with an emergency prepaid phone can make a huge difference. Remember, it is a tropical place, sudden rain, muddy road, potholes are as normal as sunlight. Careful for not leaving anything in sight in your car, valuable or not. If you have any question, feel free to ask. I’ve been living here for almost 40 years and still amaze me.
    I’m very happy to see you guys had a blast and are always welcome to visit, again, Costa Rica. Pura vida!

  3. Thank you for posting, your video is very informative! Yall did so much and got to experience lots while there. Can you link or share which company yall used to dive with the manta rays? Great pictures 📷👌 also did yall have to book in advance or show up and book for the following day? Thank you!

  4. Very interesting video, good detail and no typical youtuber nonsense 🙂 Couple of questions if you have time – Do you need to speak Spanish to go travelling around independently ? Did it seem to be a safe place to be travelling by yourself ? Final question – for the diving do you need lots of experience, or can you do it as a holiday maker who has snorkelled a bit and shallow dived once or twice ?

  5. This was a really helpful video. You explain everything clearly and I like it that you, as one of the few on YouTube, visualize the trip on a map. Much appreciated!

  6. Attention attention please remember your Visa card can cover the insurance in Costa Rica if you have a Visa that offer car insurance you do not need to buy their insurance we did that and we saved lots of money you just have to prove on paper that your Visa will cover accident
    So print the benefit of your Visa card for accident at health insurance and take it with you to Costa Rica that way you don’t have to pay for insurance in Costa Rica

  7. Hello, I enjoyed your video it was very informative. We are planning to Uber places. We are staying in Jaco, from the international Airport how much money do you think it might cost to Uber? From the airport to Jaco

  8. What a wonderful video! Thank you for sharing your experience with so many details.
    I’m not sure if you mentioned this to your video, but when did you visit CR?

  9. This was a really helpful video, thank you!! I’m planning a 1-month trip for later this year… How did you go about booking the car? Online beforehand or once you got there? I am seeing crazy fees on online sites that don’t even mention the insurance once you get there.

    Thank you!

  10. Every country has their own unique hiding gem! Proud of my beautiful Costa Rica…..Exellent video, Eso es Pura Vida.

  11. Loved the video and your great information. I’m just wondering, what dates did you go? I heard it rains practically everyday from April until December.. I want to plan a trip to CR in June.

  12. This was so helpful!! Thank you for all the info. I wish every vlogger put this much amount of effort into sharing their travels. Thanks again!

  13. So far for me including flight I’m paying 1170

    Only sleeping in 2 different places and no car

    But I’m buying everything online in the us before I fly there that’s including plane ticket

  14. sorry but you DO NOT need to buy their insurance in Costa Rica, I just returned from a 2 week vacation and used my CDW from my visa card as insurance, SUV only cost me $663 for 15 days, the only expense you have to have is a $10 a day 3rd party. No one tried to sell me anything.

  15. The thing that skews costs now is the insane prices on rental cars everywhere. That alone really stressed our budget on our trip. We had a great time during our 5 weeks though. Lots of videos to post now!

  16. This is probably the most helpful video on YouTube for planning a trip to Costa Rica. Thank you for being thorough and taking us through it all.

  17. Great video. How far in advance did you book your rooms? I’m trying to figure out how strict I need to make my itinerary. Thanks

  18. Muchas Gracias John
    I appreciate that you added the costs of all the activities you did, it truly helps a bunch which will help me out on planning my trip to Costa Rica this July.

  19. As a Costa Rican I found this video very accurate. You had a great trip! Saw most of the Costa Rican gems This is a good time to come visit, the price has decrease and the weather is nice!

  20. Hi mate, great video. Another greek here, I have the following question: How did it work with currency etc? Did you pay in cash or card mostly? When you got money from ATMs was it in Colones or dollars?

  21. I’m going to Costa Rica on may . I’m Staying one week at The Riu Palace Resort . I know I don’t have a lot of time . What places would you recommend I go too on my tours . How much money do you recommend I take . It’s an all inclusive resort, I was thinking 400 dollars

  22. Ωραίο βίντεο φίλε. Έχεις βάλει πολλές χρήσιμες πληροφορίες που δεν τις έχω βρει αλλού. Μπράβο, καλή συνέχεια.

  23. Hello, I will go to CR this next July 2021 for my birthday… I loved your video, it has been quite helpful for me in order to prepare a nice itinerary… Just one tip: Please talk slower, because you give a bunch of fantastic information and I’m kind of slow hahaha… Congratulations man, keep doing this great job. Blessings from Mexico.

  24. Great effort in your video, liked and subbed 😄 Could I ask did you film on a phone or go pro? The underwater footage is so clear. Cheers from Australia

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