What I Wish I Knew Before Working Abroad | Living In Costa Rica (90 Days)

What I Wish I Knew Before Working Abroad | Living In Costa Rica (90 Days)

Living in Costa Rica means being surrounded by Mother Nature and experiencing it firsthand. Everyday is an adventure when you are working abroad, from trips to the stores, to the events you plan on the weekends. Living in Costa Rica can be an amazing experience and in this video I share what I wish I knew before working abroad for 90 days.

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During our first part of our 3 month trip, we resided in the area of La Fortuna (Volcano Arenal) in a little town 30min south. The people there were extremely hospitable, and treated us like family. Overall our experience of that area was very positive, and it gave me a taste of what living in a small town feels like. With a population of less than 1,000 people, everyone knows each other and are overall great people. The biggest reminder from living in a small town in Costa Rica was to treat foreigners with love. Being an outsider is intimidating and lending a hand goes a long way to making their challenging experience a little better.

We were blessed to be able to experience living and working abroad. I had no idea how Costa Rica would be as a country, so it all came as a surprise and I began to accept the challenges that popped up in every day life.

One of those challenges included flying into different countries. After 45 days of living in Costa Rica, we decided to venture off into Guadalajara Mexico in order to work on some special projects there. We also wanted to take the time to fix my wife’s MacBook computer, which was damaged by the humidity in Costa Rica. Apple tries to keep this issue under wraps, but beware MacBook users, your computers can be severely damaged by the humidity in countries like Costa Rica. You can find multiple forums and occurrences of this happening and unfortunately we were a victim of it as well.

Life in Guadalajara Mexico is a lot like LA. This city has a fast pace lifestyle with the conveniences of US cities. In the next video I will share more of this adventure as well as reveal the upcoming projects we have in the works.

About This Video
In this video I share what I wish I knew before working abroad. Overall my experience of living in Costa Rica was a positive one. It’s not something you can quickly get used to though, so you must prepare for the setbacks and tribulations that are coming your way. I wish I would have known how inconvenient the Costa Rica countryside was before living there, but at least I got to experience it first hand, and I leave a better person.

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Jaco, Costa Rica – Cost of Living

#Jaco #CostaRica
Does living on a renowned surf beach with a bustling nightlife sound good to you? What if I told you it was near two national parks? If this sounds nice to you Jaco, Costa Rica may be the perfect place for you to live. In this video, we explore the cost of living in Jaco, Costa Rica. Jaco is cheaper than most large cities in the United States and the quality of life is undoubtedly higher. We’ll discuss the cost of living in Jaco for budget backpackers, full-time retirees, and digital nomads. We also cover: things to do in Jaco, Costa Rica; Jaco food; Jaco Transportation; Jaco hospitals; and we have multiple Jaco, Costa Rica maps. You can count on this video to provide you with all the information you need for Living in Jaco, Costa Rica.

LivingOverseasTV,s goal is to provide a real look into what it’s like to live abroad. The idea is simple: Enjoy a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life than you have by finding the right overseas community for you. Our videos are designed for retirees, near-retirees, long term travelers and nomads; anyone looking to improve their quality of life while adding adventure and lowering their cost of living.


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Video table of contents:

00:00 Jaco, Costa Rica Overview
00:56 Jaco Neighborhood
01:27 Jaco, Costa Rica Climate, JacoCosta Rica Weather
02:05 Jaco, Costa Rica Long-Term Rentals, furnished apartments for rent in Jaco
02:41 Utilities in Jaco, Costa Rica
03:03 Cost of Living in Jaco, Costa Rica
04:02 Food Costs in Jaco, Costa Rica
04:52 Services in Jaco, Costa Rica.
05:04 Jaco, Costa Rica Healthcare
05:24 Getting Around Jaco, Costa Rica.
05:34 Taxis Jaco, Costa Rica
06:00 Jaco, Costa Rica Things to Do
06:02 Jaco, Costa surfing
06:37 Los Suenos Resort and Marina
06:56 Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
07:18 Carara National Park
07:41 Tarcoles River Bridge, Crocodile Bridge
08:00 Manuel Antonio National Park

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  1. If any of you are interested in traveling to Costa Rica feel free to message me. I can help finding housing, car rental or any other thing you may need.

  2. If you want to eat like a local ,rice beans and very tough tiny piece of steak with a small salad and tap water mix drink that will funk your stomach up 1000%…..then GO TO COSTA RICA, ITS FOR YOU

  3. Is CR corruption bad?Read CR turned away food and supplies from hurricane support from President Trump!Many teachers left because no water and all the people had was “Jungle school “for children after hurricane and conditions were unsanitary!

  4. Jaco is awesome. I used to stay at a place called Buddha House. Then I moved into an apartment in the neighborhood behind the main street.

  5. Great hamburger stand just off the beach. Young Americans work there for tips and are given a place to live behind the small restaurant. Great for surfers

  6. Jaco is one of the most low end beaches in Costa Rica, it’s like Venice Beach in California (same kind of sketchy people). Sure, you’ll get tropical water/beach, but the it’s usually packed and you can find trash in the water too. People get things stolen at knife-point regularly also. You’ll witness weird stuff and perhaps pick up on the unsafe vibe. You can drive 20 minutes further down and find the Costa Rica you’re looking for imo.

  7. Playa Hermosa is 5 minutes South of Jaco, and is the main surfing town for ex pats. It is comprised of several motels, but across the highway are nice home on the hillside. This is a better place to stay than rowdy Jaco, and features an early rising surfing vibe.

    15 minutes South are several communities around Playa Esterillos, which is a residential colony of expats with few restaurants or hotels. These are the best place to rent a beach house, but you won’t have entertainment amenities and need a rental car.

    The Northern Nicola Peninsula is entirely expats and has no hospital. Although it has gourmet restaurants and fancy resorts, the Kardashians have a mansion near the Liberia airport, the Nicoya Peninsula is under a travel advisory for healthcare fraud against injured tourists, and is not a practical destination for foreign living.

    Moving to Costa Rica means looking in the Capitol in Escazu, rowdy Jaco, Hermosa, or the Esterrilos areas. La Fortuna is in the middle of the country and is the best budget location for resort, mountain town living with a bar/restaurant/entertainment scene.

  8. I am sorry but Costa Rica seems boring. San Jose is a dump with crime. LOL. I am staying here. Great video. Excellent information. Thanks.

  9. the beach is dirt and too many rocks….thieves and prostitutes come out at 6pm like roaches…manuel antonio main beach is filthy and never cleaned properly..they need to invest those tourist dollars sprucing up the beach all around…been visiting for 11 years and nothing has improved……

  10. Costa Rica is so expensive, after renting a car from November to March 23, same car, they wanted to charge for the next month $2,500 US. Just because of the Easter Holiday. So greedy!

  11. Love your Channel!! We live down in Playa Hermosa- would love to do a video with you guys! Check our channel to get a glimpse of our lifestyle 😜🌴

  12. Take it from someone that lived in CR for 17 years ,now living cheaper on North Shore, Oahu. eat cheaper great Costco food, better weather, cheaper gas, elc, drinking water and way better waves, Truly nicer people. Rent is more!

  13. Nice video thank you but that white T-shirt under your shirt looks so dorky sorry if that’s hateful but I want to give you a constructive criticism

  14. The total cost of living is around $1,032 in Jaco Beach. The average rent in Jaco Beach for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is approximately $688 per month, and utilities cost around $68 a month.

  15. Thank you for the video, I’m a Tico leaving in SC. Was able to go back after 20 plus years. Jaco is not what it used to be. Too much drugs, yes is a nice area but the drugs kill it for me.

  16. Thank you so much for posting! This is so inspiring and Im planning to be there Jan-March 2021! Youve helped so much with this travel info, thanks again. Subscribed! 🙂

  17. We went to tamarind for two weeks, all very nice but very expensive 2 cables and two cell phone chargers and a shampoo 200 dollars and in wallmark ???? or a cable for my iphone 35 $ dollars?

  18. This is SO useful. Great channel man. Just what I’m looking for now that canada is controlling my health decisions and I’m ditching this communist country lol

  19. I traveled there for a bachelor party that lasted 7 day. Was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. Pura vida!

  20. uber is better for long distance drives taxy is for short
    tigo and telecable is the better internet 40megs 5 upload is like $80 per mth
    food is way cheaper if you cook or use sodas they are local food places not fancy but exelent food for $5
    electric dont run the AC all day open windows run normal fans in the morning and afternoon when sun is at lowest
    yellow pation fruit is pineapple and yea is dam good but all others are the best to since they harvest less than 100 kilom away they are always fresh

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