What i've learned in 3 YEARS living in Costa Rica

What i've learned in 3 YEARS living in Costa Rica

I haven’t done a TON of traveling in this country but I’ve definitely learned A Lot! One thing is that money doesnt = happiness.. It helps for sure!! But that doesn’t mean you need it!
You can barter for your services, you can work for room & board. Its about enjoying LIFE, like REAL life!
Its put a lot of things in perspective for me as a person.

Another thing is, if you want to find the CHEAP! places, you need to look and ask the locals, you wont find much under $350 online.

This place is pretty lawless, but you should still be careful! We have police traffic stops at random locations, and i’ve heard stories of them asking for some money.. If traveling, maybe don’t keep all your money in one place. That would be my advice.

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  1. Very cool video. to answer your question. 15 minutes is about right for me. Thanks for sharing. Much love to you as well.

  2. I lived in Costa Rica for almost 3 years was some of the best times Ive had in my life. We use to hang out in the Hotel El Rey and go to the Pueblo on the weekends.

  3. Omg, I just so love you. After the headache called Trump, and his giving the underground nuts full permission to proudly wave their hate flags, my daughter and I have been talking about a simpler kinder existence. Did a little research to find that the educational system in Costa Rico is excellent for my 6 year old granddaughter. She wants to become a zoologist, what better place? Your videos have inspired me to think about locking my hair! Lol That would be a look for my 60 yr old arse. We are thinking of maybe a small village in the Central Valley since we are not fans of the FL heat. Not only can we not afford it, one of those gated communities defeats the purpose, so a smaller area/village might work for us. Will you consider traveling to Central Valley anytime in the future? Keep the videos coming, your open minded cool vibe is so refreshing; loved the tip on taking a pic of passport too. You just keep doing what you are doing, and we’ll keep watching!

  4. Love your doggy. It’s a little out of the way for me. No stores, soda looks like it belongs in a prison. I loved the part about manifesting to the Universe. I am curious, after 3 years have you developed no relationships, platonic or otherwise? You are all by yourself. Do you ever head to Bejuco or Jaco?

  5. Hey man when you got to the spot you stopped at for a beer you said you got a $250 job. How are you getting these jobs?

  6. You should mix it up man. Do long and short content.

    I have been here in Costa Rica for a year. I am Quepos.

    What is your name please?

  7. Manifestion is 100% real. We create our own reality. Just got introduced to your YouTube yesterday and I’ve been binge watching. Costa Rica is my next home. Pura Vida and gracias for all the info you share in your videos ☺️

  8. What part of the country are you in? I’m about to be in the Nicoya province, just moved back after being away for 17 years. great vids man! Thanks

  9. Bro, my wife and I are making moves now to get down there. What part are you in ? Got a 45′ yacht that we’re selling and selling off most of our stuff. Then driving there ! Pura Vida !!

  10. I totally and completely enjoyed this video. I made my mom watch, (you and my brother could be twins) she finally gets the lifestyle I’m aiming towards when I move there to CR in February. Thank you for this content! Look forward to seeing more of your videos. Pura Vida 🌺

  11. Bro your channel is awesome. Keep doing whatever feels natural as far as content length, I’m sure your fans appreciate it either way. I hope to make it back to CR very soon, but this time to check out Pavones down south. Not sure if anyone has some key knowledge about Pavones but it seems like such a gem.

  12. I am moving to Costa Rica in September do you have any accommodations recommendations or know anybody that has property available ??

  13. This length video is great I think you could have shared a few more items of what you learned living in Costa Rica.

  14. Swami SAYS, really enjoy watchin’ you roll around on the BRO-ped, capturing the ESSENSE of "real life" over there in ‘Rica — unlike so many of those #DigitalGonads ; always #bitch-in and #twitch-in and looking for action, via their HIFALUTIN "law of attraction". Swami SAYS, they’re like TOTALLY #NUTS, as they move their #BUTTS, trying to catch a TASTE of #DEEZNuts… #Swamisays

  15. I’ll watch ur videos tho bro….I’m starting a YouTube channel too…I’m in Texas but I’ll help u get you watch time up

  16. Im coming to Costa Rica in April to start my travel channel. Maybe if you want we can collab I’ll have some baddies I met on tinder around 😄 I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  17. I miss the sodas. We would be driving for 2 hours and then barely see a tiny soda that had the most incredible food and a view for $2 US/plate

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