What to bring for Rainy Season | Traveling to Costa Rica Tips

What to bring for Rainy Season | Traveling to Costa Rica Tips

My opinion on a few Must-haves if you plan to visit Costa Rica during the rainy season! Keep in mind, it won’t rain the whole time, OR if you really want to avoid rain, you can try to check out the Atlantic/Caribbean side of the country! Happy Planning🧳
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What to bring to Costa Rica during Rainy Season

Travelling in Costa Rica during Covid | Costa Rica 2022

Is Costa Rica calling your name in 2022? Travel during Covid can be confusing with ever changing Costa Rica Travel Requirements. This Costa Rica Travel Vlog will answer all your questions about Travelling in Costa Rica during Covid. We provide a Costa Rica Travel Guide to:
1. Travel requirements to Costa Rica
2. Covid protocols in Costa Rica
3. How to get a Covid test in Costa Rica
4. Flying from Costa Rica Airport
This video will be very useful for anyone considering visiting Costa Rica during covid.

This video has captions in multiple languages.

Here is the link for the Official Costa Rica Tourism website. Make sure you view this regularly for any changes before or during your trip:

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0:00 Introduction to Costa Rica vlog: travel to Costa Rica during Covid
0:49 Costa Rica Travel Tips: 2022 Costa Rica Entry Requirements
2:34 Travelling in Costa Rica 2022: Costa Rica Covid restrictions
3:55 Getting Covid tests in Costa Rica
8:47 Leaving Costa Rica from San Jose Costa Rica International Airport

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the very informative video about CR and covid. I was wondering Zika and the mosquitoes there, did u see alot or get bitten a lot?

  2. Just like Mexico you don’t need a PCR test. Other protocols are similar to Mexico as well. Very informative and helpful for those visiting.

  3. Hi,can i ask if Costa Rica need fully vaccinated to visit..My boyfriend is not vaccinated and myself are fully vaccinated.We go planning to visit this June..Very appreciated your responsed.

  4. Feels like the twilight zone watching your video and not seeing 99999 people behind you. Costa Rica is highly populated…

  5. Hi, and thanks so much for the information! Very appreciated! I wonder: my husband is fully vaccinated and I have only one dose (got some severe adverse reactions and cannot get another), is it very limited what "unvaccinated" people can do there? Like, what about public transportation? at least when you were there. We are between Costa Rica and Mexico. And is it very expensive there (I will check out if you have any video about prices there :). Thanks for you work! Ceci

  6. It does go IN your nose. It goes all the way to the blood-brain barrier! I’m sorry you had to take it. Those things should always be optional.

  7. Wow 2022 April 1. Still wanting every one to wear masks and wash hands. I think hawaii might be my next vacation spot. Atleast I can be unmasked laughing with out spit on my face

  8. Thanks for the very informative and current information. My wife (unvaccinated) and myself (fully vaccinated) are going there from the US in March 2022. As things currently stand, I will be going on some nice excursions while my wife continues to enjoy the hotel! PS: May I suggest not constantly repeating the location in almost every sentence, I think we understand you refer to Costa Rica!

  9. We’re traveling to CR in may. Our whole group is vaccinated but decided to purchase the medical travel insurance. Rather be safe than sorry😷

  10. Thank you for your video! So if we’re traveling as a family of 5, we will need 5 PCR test at $85 a test, that would be $425 total just to pass the COVID test so we can board the plane?

  11. Oh wow, that rope swing into the water seems like so much fun, I would visit Costa Rica just for that spot hehe 😆🙌

  12. Thank you so much for this video!! It was very informative, helpful and concise. We were able to get our test done at this location, without any trouble in finding it, no confusion and knowing what exactly to expect at the site. Traveling these days has changed quite a bit and your video helped me have an ease of mind on one important aspect of our recent trip to CR this last week. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more of your videos. Requirements are still the same at this time if you are entering to the US, we paid about 40 USD for the anigen test which at the time is 25,577 CRC. However, when I got the results via email it took a little bit over 2 hrs. So keep that in mind if you get your test done the same day you travel, which was our case. Thankfully we already knew this so we made sure to arrive earlier to assure we would have the results back before doing our check in at the airport.

  13. Thank you for the info. Do you know what the requirements are if you get a positive test result How many days do people have to stay in isolation Thank you

  14. thank you for the information, i’m just wondering can you do the covid test at the sjo airport? or you have to do it in advance?

  15. >>>> DO NOT VIST<<<< At least for the time being. CR lifted it’s COVID restrictions (testing, vaccination) as of this past April. Anyone can just come in.
    There has been a high amount of tourists testing positive.
    Even if you don’t get severely sick, keep in mind that CR has a mandatory quarantine period, which is 7 days now. They fine you $700-$3000 if you leave the room. Then US wants you to wait 10 days from the testing date.
    It will become a headache and expensive. Then there is your job back home….!
    You really can’t avoid the crowd, it defeats the purpose of traveling if you have to seclude yourself!
    If you REALLY want to visit, don’t visit Jaco, or very tourist populated areas. Think about getting travel insurance that covers COVID situation

  16. nice from you hope in soon future Costarica will folow Florida and make easy abut covid test like in Florida mask covid test vacinacion is free to choose no forcing you to do just one opcion . be free from covid restriction and joy live

  17. I think your video would answer any question someone would have regarding travel to CR. Very well put together and great footage. You guys do a fantastic job on your vids. Stay safe and have fun!

  18. You guys are the same people from the Nicaragua video I found you in! So I’m sure you remember I said I’ll pass on Nicaragua cause of the scorpions lol. But since Costa Rica doesn’t have that problem. I want to use Costa Rica in place of Nicaragua.

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