What to pack for Costa Rica! The Essential Tips (Please Listen in Stereo!)

What to pack for Costa Rica! The Essential Tips (Please Listen in Stereo!)

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Adam covers the most important items to bring on your vacation to the tropics, as well as suggesting some interesting extras that are very helpful indeed.
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These are my best tips for having a travelling adventure backpacking in Costa Rica. That doesn’t have to mean “budget Costa Rica,” but if you’re travelling the Gringo Trail that probably means a tight – gap year – budget, right?

I cover the Gringo Trail in Costa Rica from Montezuma, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, La Fortuna, Arenal, to Monteverde, Tortuguero and Manuel Antonio, including hostels, hiking, surfing, activities, and the best hot spots. Or maybe you’re just looking to trek Costa Rica.

This video’s not meant to be a definitive Costa Rica travel guide, or even an exhaustive list of Costa Rica sights, sounds and destinations. It’s just my advice if you want to travel to Costa Rica based on my own experience. (Which was part of a general backpacking adventure covering Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize – all of Central America really except El Salvador!)

If you’re backpacking or even just vacationing in Central or Latin America, let me know, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a pic or message. Us Costa Rica backpackers have got to stick together.

CENTRAL AMERICA: https://youtu.be/42Wtfs0aIjg

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  1. I love your video’s ! I am heading to central america with friends in January . I can’t wait to go traveling and your videos have helped me get a better idea of what to expect and what there is to do. Not to mention all the hot spots 🙂

  2. HI! I am going to be traveling in costa rica for just over a week this january with a friend!!! Do we need to book hostels and buses in advance or would taking it day by day with a solid idea of where we want to go be good??! This video was super helpful!

  3. Hi 🙂 I’m going to travel to costa rica for two weeks this january. Do you recommend to stay in the same hostel or to swith after one week?

  4. I’ve approached tourists from the United States and sometimes they smell really bad. I’m not saying this is the norm, personal hygiene is appreciated in the country.

  5. I´m so sorry for the high prices in Costa Rica, that´s only in tourist areas, but you can save some money in many ways.1. using public transportation for long distance, that´s pretty good and cheap2. on many beaches you can camping for free, so buy a tent 3. If you see the word  SODA in some restaurants you can buy a local lunch for USD 5,  (black beans, white rice,    meet ,salad  and lemonade) 4. always there is a option for every budget. so have fun

  6. Believe it or not those prices she’s giving are still a bit low. I am from Costa Rica and go there quite often. Buses are great and cheap and get you everywhere. If you visit during December though March the greatest weather in the world is almost guaranteed. Lots of Costaricans specially young people speak good English. most of the country is pretty safe during the day..

  7. This is so we’ll explained!!! Yeah I agree —> Costa Rica is expensive… … The only point that was missed a bit was that "there’s nothing much to do in San Jose"… I agree that the capital is merely a small town with traffic jams all over and nothing much to feast your eyes with (architecture wise) BUT, is filled with artistic and cultural activities… Concerts, outdoor cinemas, culinary workshops, festivals of all kinds (coffee, wine, gastronomy, barroque music, dance, ballet, jazz, etc)… Urban biking is a thing! And all week long there are FREE guided tours around the city (usually around 15 to 50 people attend, just for the pleasure of biking around the city), all museums have a day in the month their entrance fee is free too! This day is called " ArtCity Tour"… I can go on and on 😀 thanks for sharing this with the world… I hope you come back soon to CR… Pura vida. ps: soy tica.

  8. I´m flying to Costa Rica this Fall, but I did not find a friend to join me. Is it dangerous to be alone in a country like Costa Rica? Thanks for your videos!

  9. Great video super helpful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    I will be going to Costa Rica in March. Does anyone have suggestions, tips and/or advice on where I should go during that time of year? I want to indulge in eating lots and lots of fruit, as well as site see. I honestly have no idea what city to go to..

  10. Lots of people speaks english in CR, Touristic places are expensive!! North west shores (Guanacaste) is more exclusive therefore more expensive! Caribbean coast is more natural and relaxed, Rasta/Hippi influences, almost like been in Jamaica, nature wise, beautiful nature and emerald colored beaches!. Want to save!! eat at the sodas (local restaurants). Also use public transport, they have buses to go everywhere you want to go. If back packing always!! stay where there is more people you don’t want to become an easy target to local thiefs. Always ask about towns just for safety. I’m a TICO- (Costarican), ask me any questions, more than glad to guide you. certainly CR is more expensive than many others in the region, but over all is more secure and stable. Others are cheap but dangerous, in any case do a good research and you will safe money. By the way! great advise from backpacking bananas! Love your eyes!

  11. This video was soooo well laid out and I really appreciate the visuals so I could pause it and write down the places you’re talking about. It completely motivated me when I felt like I had no idea where to start! Thank you so much!

  12. I LOVE your videos! Thanks so much for sharing! I am planning my first trip to Costa Rica in March and Rockin J’s is on my list. However, my biggest concern is how to get around in country. Did you use buses, shuttles, rides shares? Everything is kind of hard to find online so I wanted to know your experience. I want to fly into Liberia and see La Fortuna but want to spend about four days in Puerto Viejo, then fly out of San Jose.

  13. Where would do you think the cheapest country in Central America to visit is? I wanted to go to Costa Rica originally, but after seeing this video, Im having second thoughts. Maybe Honduras?

  14. How did you find how to move around costa rica? did you book buses in advance? was it difficult to travel to point a to point b

  15. I am just looking for more info about Costa Rica, where I will be just for a short time (8 days) and I will probably miss half o places I wish to see, but your tips are great and helpful.
    Lovely vlog and your way of presenting stuff is really cool 🙂 Not to mention that you got beautiful eyes, that are hypnotizing 🙂

  16. Hey guys! We are are a small travel channel who are documenting our journey around Central and South America. We would appreciate if you could check out our videos and give us a sub to follow the adventure 🙂

  17. An air of caution.. San Jose has a lot of crime. I was witness to a highway robbery (there were guns), it was scary. And a group of friends also had all their camera gear stolen.
    If you rent a car, leave nothing in it. Costa Ricans have a motto.. "god has graced us with the contents of your car". I’m not kidding.
    That aside, the people are friendly and Manuel Antonio is a pretty neat place.

  18. Heading to Costa Rica from UK tomorrow on a trekking research trip. This was some great information and put my mind at ease! Thank you <3

  19. so if I arrive at SJ international airport, should I first go to tortuguero -la paz-monteverde-manuel antonio-SJ airport ? is this feasible in 9 days?

  20. Thank you for your very honest and positive review, let me know when you come back I’ll make sure to help you out at least with your transportation. take care

  21. thanks to put my country Costa Rica out there, we are very pleased to have travelers here, in general, we don’t have good english but i guess we can defend ourself. Please, if you goind to travel to Costa Rica, try to get information of safes areas to camping or stay because our country is mostly safe but there are some thieves out there, so be carefull and nothing would happen to you. welcome to Costa Rica, for anyone thinking on travel here. 😉

  22. I just discovered your videos for the first time and I’m probably going to binge watch them all now hahaha! You are so pretty and such a natural on camera! And don’t worry, the twitch thing ALWAYS happens to me too! I thought I was the only one! Anyways, keep up the good work and can’t wait to hear about more adventures!

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