Where to Live in Costa Rica's Central Valley

Where to Live in Costa Rica's Central Valley

Expats have been flocking to Costa Rica’s Central Valley for decades and it’s not hard to see why: https://bit.ly/37w1zm3

The spring-like climate, central location, and ready-made expat community are just a few of the reasons more and more expats are deciding to make the Central Valley their overseas destination.

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Costa Rica has long been a popular tourism destination, but the country also consistently finds itself at the top of Top 10 lists, whether it’s of the happiest countries in the world, the best places to retire, or the best places for foreigners and expats to live.

But while Costa Rica does have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to supporting a healthy lifestyle with plenty of fresh food, surfing, yoga, and sunshine on tap, it’s not perfect.

Before moving to Costa Rica, make sure to watch my video on why expats LEAVE Costa Rica first: https://youtu.be/cbGMngGx2xk

But, if you’re just planning on going there for a few months or a year or so, check out this video for what you need to know!

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00:00 How NOT to say “Pura Vida” ?❌
00:26 Living in Costa Rica
00:54 Why live in Costa Rica
1:29 Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa Benefits
2:45 Opening a bank account in Costa Rica
3:26 Visa Requirements – How to apply
5:43 Internet in Costa Rica
7:08 My thoughts and where to get more info
7:50 How to pronounce “pura vida” like a local ✅

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★ Special thank you to Jose Arce from Sfera Legal Costa Rica and Mynor Bejarno for teaching us how to properly say, “Pura vida!” Contact them for all your Costa Rica legal and transport needs at:
→ Sfera Legal: https://www.sferalegal.com/offices/costa-rica or jpa@sferalegal.com
→ Mynor Tourist Transportation: minorcostarica@yahoo.es or WhatsApp:‭+506 8835-3565‬

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↳ Costa Rica Blue Zones https://www.bluezones.com/exploration/nicoya-costa-rica/
↳ Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa Law http://legal.fayca.com/ley-de-nomadas-digitales/


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  1. I will be going to Costa Rica in June to look for a house on the Caribbean coast. Do you know any real, real estate agents that you trust?
    My wife and i earn money online and have medical insurance.
    Our goal is to gain citizenship by purchasing a house and business.

  2. I just don’t qualify, 3000$ ouuh that’s a lot, even as a European. I guess I can just get in and out, it really doesn’t costs thousands, if you do it the local way, I did that there for a year. We would just take a 4 hour bus to the border of Nicaragua, cost less than 30$ and then come back for an extra 90 days.

  3. Costa Rica, is full of crime, abuse to foreigners, expensive services, false friendship from locals, small little things-thief, prostitution, drugs… they think they are the Switzerland of Centralamerica but they are not better than any other latin country…

  4. Hi Kristin, I am self employed and my income is not consistent and unpredictable. How would I go about meeting the $3k minimum?

  5. why do you suppose these remote work visas have such high income requirements ? you could live in Costa Rica for 1/3 of that. Is it just a sort of gatekeeping to make sure only the higher earners come in ?

  6. Would love to live there for year or two! Been there twice and it is an amazing country. Thanks for uploading this and great intr/outro!

  7. The Nomad residency is a joke, why must you earn $3,000 when a pensionado residency only needs $1,000 per month???

  8. Hey Kristin, your intro that was so funny, i am here from Big island living in Flamingo and saw your video, thanks for the great info, do you have info on meeting other expats here? thank you Ryan

  9. I just got back from NW Costa Rica a week ago. Wonderful place with a wonderful people. You weren’t kidding about the wifi though. It was nice to disconnect anyways. If I could figure out the digital nomad conversion and get my Spanish in gear this would be so tempting.?

  10. I would love to check out Costa Rica for the first time in December! Do you know where I can find a 1 week or 2 week itinerary for a single female traveller? I’m coming from Vancouver, thanks!

  11. Wonderful video Kristin, thank you!
    I am looking into Costa Rica to live with my family. I am also youtuber and online trainer.
    My question is, if I apply for this new visa, how income taxes will work for me.
    Thank you !

  12. Diga "Que Tuanis", Diga "Que Carajada Es Esa", "Que Vamos a Jamar Hoy". My homeland is beautiful but it has some frustrations. The worse in Costa Rica is the bureaucracy at the bank, at the aduana, at the post office. The Costa Rican government and companies need to jump into the 1st World as far as "Tramites" is concerned.

  13. Hello Kristin! I’m new here on your channel. You are so precious and I love your vibe. Great info, I hope to get back out the soon.

  14. Used to own the blue roofed house just a short walk south of town. In those days, CR was so much different than today. RH, Melbourne Beach, Florida

  15. Kristin….is there a digital nomad visa available somewhere for someone like myself who has an online business with an inconsistent income? I have plenty of money in the bank, so my online business, while legit, is more of a hobby than a necessity. Or should I just pursue a different visa? I heard Croatia will accept money in th bank in leu of consistent income for their digital nomad visa, for example?

  16. Hi iam from Morocco, i want visit my girlfriend in Costa Rica i know him for a one year never see him personaly just chat vedeos calls, she will send me Card Invitation, is that a problem to make my visa tourist refused ?

  17. Que Tuanis!! Eventually Technology and Public Services are going to be improve a great deal in Tiquisia. Expending hours at the bank, at the post office, at the bus stop, at the customs office is just ridiculous. We are not dealing with just cats, dogs, horses, and cows any more. We are dealing with real people who need real, prompt, and courteous services!!

  18. I’m glad that Costa Rica is coming out with a digital nomad visa. I have no plans to live there, but it is one place I would love to visit one day. After all, I need to experience the pura vida for myself! Awesome video, Kristin!

  19. We live in Costa Rica in the Central Valley. Don’t expect the digital nomad visa to be implemented anytime soon. Sure, it’s law now, but so many laws never get put into use. Good luck!

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