Which Month To Visit Costa Rica? | Weather in Costa Rica!

Which Month To Visit Costa Rica? | Weather in Costa Rica!

I hate it when I hear about the dry season rainy season concept in Costa Rica. Any month is a great month to visit. 70% of tourism is concentrated in the Christmas to Easter period, but Costa Rica is a year round destination. My observations are for the Guanacaste area, as you go South it gets wetter and wetter, but broadly the same pattern. Caribbean side is completely different
1. JanuaryFebruaryMarch
Perfect sunny weather every day, no rain, breeze from the Papagayo winds makes this idyllic 86F 30C every day. As you get toward Easter everything is very dry and the grass a bit brown.
2. April/May
The Papagayo winds die off, first week after Easter we start to get rain. The first time it rains after 4 months everyone comes out into the street to feel it. It is very special. The flora goes from brown/yellow to lush green after a couple of weeks. It becomes more humid. Typically sunny hot days, cloud/rain later afternoon
3. June/July/August
Costa Rica has its mini summer that the gringos don’t know about. This is a great time to visit. The humidity is less, everything
is still very green because it is still raining some afternoons.
4. September/October
This is the rainy season. It tends to be humid, no breeze. We still get sunny mornings, but afternoons and evenings you can plan on hard rain. Rain like you have never seen before. Sometimes the roads flood, even to chest height sometimes, but then within an hour all the water dispurses. There will be tropical depressions where you don’t see the sun for a week.
5. November
Sometimes the rains carry on into November, which is a transition month to summer. I love it at this time and the snow birds start to arrive and you definitely feel that summer is on the way
6. December
This is my favorite month, not many gringos this time of year, but weather is perfect, everything is lush. Ideal sunny dry weather
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  1. I was supposed to go to Tamarindo the first week of May but I have COVID so I had to cancel the trip. I don’t know if I should go in June or just wait till next year to go in March or April. What would you suggest? I like the warm weather and green scenery and a bit of rain doesn’t bother me just as long as it’s not cold or very windy

  2. This is dead on accurate because the short period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually perfect weather. And the most rain I have ever experienced was 9 days of a torrential downpour in October just across the Golfo Dulce from the Osa Peninsula.

  3. Puravida very good you explain was very good you know enough about my Country Infact CostaRica because located in the tropics and the converge zone is we have diverse weather.

  4. Very helpful.. Was told by a local that there is a period between late July and mid August where there is a break in the rain and some pretty consistent sunshine. Can’t wait! Will be coming down to Guanacaste 2nd half of July to get married. Family will be flying down for wedding and staying a week at the incredible Lighthouse Ocotal. My Bride and I will be staying for another 2 months through end of Sept and hopefully getting some good content for our channel during our stay. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Thank you so much for this information. We are coming sept 19-25 to coco beach.. is there rain sporadic throughout the day or is it “it rains in the morning and clears up as the day goes on”? Really appreciate an answer!

  6. Great video! This is much better than Dry – Rainy season explanation. I’ve heard there is much more rain on the Caribbean Coast compared to the Pacific Coast. What is it like in your experience? We are planning to visit in July, so I hope it isn’t too bad on both sides.

  7. Thanks Rich for your beautiful content .
    For honeymooners, Nayara hotel , The Spring Resort and Spa in Arenal la Fortuna or Riu Palace hotel in Guanacaste and Tabacon Hot spring 🌹 and book 3 weeks ahead for your tours . Pura Vida 🌺

  8. June, July, and August, and September is also a good time to sample all the wonderful, rare, exotic fruits in Central America

  9. We will be traveling to Costa Rica in May. We will arrive in San José on 03 May. From a weather perspective, would you consider visiting the Caribbean coast first (Tortugero, Puerto Viejo) or better the Pacific coast (Montezuma, Manuel Antonio). We have four weeks to travel. Pura Vida!

  10. Grate take on the weather.
    I’m heading to Gigante Soltara healing retreat.
    I’m planning now for December.
    Thankyou very much for your help.

  11. Damn. That’s bad. I was seriously considering a trip for our 10 year anniversary and wife’s 40th which falls on Sept 28th and Oct 2nd. Thanks for your imput.

  12. hello, we want to come from late August to mid September. can we during this period go hiking. the paths are passable
    Thanks for your feedback

  13. Heyy 🌞 we’re planning to visit from 16.08.-04.09… I’m really worried about the weather and we still don’t know which area we should visit (which coast side etc.)
    A tip would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  14. thankYou so much for the video. which region has the least air humidity throughout the year? I know Brazil and Panama and I know how difficult the humidity in the air is for me, because I sweat a lot.

  15. Great videos – what adults only (all inclusive) resort would you recommend (we are planning Feb. 2022) but after watching this video we may also do Dec. 2022

  16. The best general breakdown of the weather in CR I have seen on YT! I wanted to visit Manuel Antonio between September and December, and now I know my ideal time would be November to December. Thank you for this!

  17. Great videos! Thanks for all the info. I love learning a lot about a place without SEEING too much of where Im going so itll be a surprise haha. I appreciate your lecture style, as opposed to more of a scenic spoiler. Thanks for all the content! Heading there next weekend!!

  18. True video! I live in Playa del Coco, you nailed it, I would only say rains in Coco end middle of November and don’t start again till May 1st, you are absolutely correct June July august are great months to visit, just enough rain to keep the dust down…

  19. Hi please tell me, I am going on holiday guanacaste 24th august till 7th September. Will it still be nice enough to sunbath and tan through the day? Thanks

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