Women Traveling Alone to Costa Rica 🧘‍♀️ Travel Tips

Women Traveling Alone to Costa Rica 🧘‍♀️ Travel Tips

#solotravel #travelingalone #traveltips ‘Traveling Alone in Costa Rica – is it SAFE? Travel Tips for Solo Women Travelers’
Is Costa Rica safe? More specifically, safe for the solo women travelers? What if they are a first time overseas traveler? What can a woman traveling in Costa Rica solo, do to have a great experience? What should be avoided? This video, ‘Traveling Alone in Costa Rica – SAFE? Travel Tips for Solo Women Travelers’ provides the answers. Information and travel tips if you want to travel solo in Costa Rica as a woman.

Many people are apprehensive about traveling to another country if they’ve never traveled abroad before, especially if they are a woman.*Not that a guy can’t be just as apprehensive, just sayin’ 😉 And really, rightfully so. There are many different cultures out there, believing different things, doing different things and often times you just aren’t aware of a certain countries ‘ways of doing things and/or conducting themselves. Different cultures obviously can have vastly different belief systems. How women are treated for instance. Luckily, Costa Rica is a very chill country, PURA VIDA as they like to say, which means ‘Pure LIfe’. LIve and let live, treat people right and with respect, easy peezy really. But tht doesn’t mean bd things can’t ahppen and if you are traveling here, you need to take a few precautions just in case. Better to be safe than sorry as we like to say.

One of the things I like to say is, Costa Rica is SAFE but when bad things happen, it’s usually to a solo traveler. So what does that mean? Is it sae or isn’t it? Can women vacation in Cotsa Rica by themselves or not? Again, this video, ‘Traveling Alone in Costa Rica- SAFE? Travel Tips for Solo Women Travelers’ supplies the answers along with great travel tips.

OUTLINE of this video:
– Share your itinerary with friends and family.
-Paper copies, digital copies of important documents and electronics (pics). Upload digital copies to your email, laptop and even a cloud service. *Remember to copy your ‘stamped in’ page of your passport. **and if things do get stolen, a police report.
-Bring a whistle, mace and a fake wallet.
-Keep valuables at home like rings, jewelry etc.

Where BAD things could happen (harrasement, things stolen and worse….)
-bus stations-taxi stands-beaches at night-walking anywhere by yourself at night-clubs/bars-public buses where luggage, backpacks, valuables could be stolen-National Parks you should go with a group or at least another person.

-Trust your gut.
-‘NO.’ is a complete sentence.’
-Don’t get too drunk.
-Go to clubs/bars in a group if possible. Taxi from club to club.
-No eye contact and if you feel threatened, leave the area ASAP and find a lighted public place.
-Be mindful of what you are wearing, there really is crazy people out there, other tourists included.
-You are NOT in your country, don’t forget that.

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For me, michael alan of Travel Costa Rica NOW, Costa Rica should be on everyone’s ‘Bucket List’, man or woman, to visit. La Fortuna, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, Coco, Mal Pais, Montezuma, Puerto Viejo, Tortuguero, Tortuga, Samara, Monteverde just to name a few hotspots. There’s like 12 volcanos in Costa Rica, monkey’s, sloths, toucans, hummingbirds, interesting insects and enough National Parks to see it all. Don’t forget the hotsprings, the waterfalls, the morpho butterflies, the list just keeps going.

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I hope you ENjoYed this video, ‘Traveling Alone in Costa Rica- SAFE? Travel Tips for Solo Women Travelers’ and hope to see you in Costa Rica very soon. From all of us at Travel Cost Rica NOW, PURA VIDA!

Grocery Shopping in Costa Rica | Costa Rica Travel Tips

Want to visit Costa Rica? Understand the cost of living in Costa Rica in this grocery shopping in Costa Rica video! In this Costa Rica Travel vlog we go grocery shopping in La Fortuna Costa Rica. La Fortuna is a popular Costa Rica travel destination. It is a beautiful town at the base of Volcano Arenal. In this Costa Rica travel vlog, we go grocery shopping in La Fortuna, visiting the main Costa Rican supermarkets of Maxi Pali, Mega Super, Super Rosvil and Super Cristian and comparing various staple groceries available. This Costa Rica travel guide will give you everything you need to know about grocery shopping in Costa Rica.

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0:00 Introduction to Costa Rica Travel Tips video: Shopping in Costa Rica
0:07 Why Bucket List Travellers are living in Costa Rica
0:23 Cost of living Costa Rica: How expensive is Costa Rica compared to other Central American countries?
0:58 Why visit La Fortuna Costa Rica
1:30 Palí and Maxi Palí supermarkets La Fortuna Costa Rica
4:01 Checkout at Maxi Palí La Fortuna
4:26 Money Stations in Costa Rica: How to pay bills in Costa Rica
4:34 Mega Súper La Fortuna Costa Rica
5:43 Mega Súper store card specials Costa Rica
6:31 Súper Rosvil supermarket La Fortuna Costa Rica
7:45 Subscribe to Bucket List Travellers YouTube Channel for more Central America travel videos
7:57 Super Cristian La Fortuna Costa Rica
9:59 Where to get cheapest fruit and vegetables in Costa Rica
10:22 La Casa de las Frutas y Verduras Sarchisenos green grocer La Fortuna Costa Rica
11:11 Uchuva fruit Costa Rica
11:37 Comparison of different supermarkets in La Fortuna Costa Rica

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  1. This is such a great info! I love cheap buys and I always make sure to spend less and find cheaper options. This is such a great help! So awesome of you guys 👏

  2. Hi BLT!, yes indeed, Costa Rica can be more expensive than other central American countries but as always, ask locals and for sure the open air markets give you a better price. Safe travels mis amigos!! 👍✈

  3. I was there the week after you posted this! Such a lovely town and I checked out most of these stores. Best deal I ran across was in San Jose, a guy on the street downtown selling avocados 8/ $1.

  4. You are just amazing dear.
    Beautiful pearl in the world.🤩😂
    What a great video, stay happy forever….👍❤🧡💯

  5. Absolutely wonderful video! Thank you for the tour! Thank you for the opportunity to accompany you on this beautiful shopping tour in La Fortuna, Costa Rica! Such a beautiful experience! Have a wonderful day! Cordial greetings!👍&FV

  6. Figured out why I didn’t get a notification or see your video come up, looks like I accidentally hit the subscribe again on the last video I watched!! oops!!
    Glad you guys kept in touch, probably wouldn’t have noticed for a bit!! lol

    Love your video! I wish I had it before going, we didn’t hit the other store at all and I didn’t know about the discounts with your passport… could have saved some money since we mostly shopped at Mega Super!!

  7. I’m going to CR tomorrow! This was very cool to see the prices of goods in La Fortuna and give us an idea of what to expect.

  8. I miss Costa Rica so much!!! When I lived there my grocery store would always place the weirdestttt music….completely unedited 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I never knew that Costa Rica was more expensive. Thanks for showing where you shop and the prices. Because when we travel we do stay at place for a while and we do shop for food as we don’t eat all out every day. Good video!

  10. Wow! I couldn’t get over how inexpensive the meats, pasta and veggies were! We love farmers markets too! The USA is experiencing very high inflation, especially on food. A NY strip steak (good quality) is between $15-$22 a pound! Great video so happy you were aloud to film inside the stores! Very helpful tips! ~Cara 😊

  11. .hello i am vietnamese. i want to get to know you hope not to give up, i watched your video, i found it very interesting very useful, thanks for sharing

  12. I never knew that Costa Rica was more expensive. Thanks for showing where you shop and the prices. Because when we travel we do stay at place for a while and we do shop for food as we don’t eat all out every day. Good video!

  13. In Costa Rica we don’t use prego (us brand) , we use naturas sauce, better and cheaper.

    Also un the central valley we have walmart and Automercado

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